We are Mako Animation, a mexican animation studio, creator of the animated web series John Death. Our new project is a webcomic that follows the adventures of Detective Carlos Camarón in the city of Furgozia. Along with his partner, Tranquilo Juan, he aims to do an exemplary work, but his superiors fear he will reveal their links to the organized crime, so they give them stupid cases to keep them busy. However, thanks to his passionate personality, Camarón manages to find clues that lead to a network of crimes and corruption. Little by little, he will come across other characters like: Vanesa Ventura, a thief who has robbed one of the most dangerous businessmen in the city; Lana Malacara, an independent reporter who will do anything to reveal the truth of certain evil corporations; Commander Pila, Carlos Camarón’s boss; Don Fortuna, an important businessman, and Luisa Alarcón, a colonel.

We need your help to continue with the production of the web-comic. For this reason, we are offering you several Patron tiers that we are sure you´ll like. The raised money will be used to pay our production team, to print the physical comic, to maintain the official website, and to develop the prizes.

Thank you for your support and welcome to Furgozia!